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Country : Thailand, Phuket, Pattaya

VISA :Visitors holding a valid passport or travel documents issued by a country included in Thailand's official list of eligible countries, Visa will be issued on arrival.

Best time to Travel :The best time to visit Thailand is in the cooler months from mid-October to March. The heat is at bay during these months, and there is very little rain. It is best to avoid travelling in the hot month of April.
Speciality : Mainland Thai culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism. Thai temples known as wats, resplendent with gold and easily identifiable thanks to their ornate, multicolored, pointy roofs are ubiquitous and becoming an orange-robed monk for a short period, typically the three-month rainy season, is a common rite of passage for young Thai boys and men.

Bangkok : Cultural phenomenon, shopping heaven and tourist treasure. Welcome to Bangkok; one of the most cosmopolitan, contrasting and, above all, compelling of Asian cities. A steamy, pulsating, yet smiling metropolis of more than ten million – intense at first, but addictive as anything.

Phuket : Phuket is Asia's most popular holiday resort and has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday. Great accommodation with some of the finest resort hotels, beautiful beaches, leisure like diving, game fishing, elephant riding and sailing around Phi Phi islands, sea canoe or kayak tour of Phang Nga Bay? For entertainment, Patong, Kata and Karon offer bars, restaurants with exquisite seafood, and interesting nightlife.

Pattaya : Located only 147km from Bangkok, Pattaya is the closest of Thailand's major beach resorts to the capital city. The combination of its big, wide beaches, water sports, interesting attractions, sightseeing, shopping, great hotels and resorts, international dining experiences - together of course with a raucous and naughty nightlife scene that's talked about the world over - makes Pattaya's formula for fun a big winner Thailand has achieved remarkable achievements in the fields of fine arts like music, dance, paintings, sculpture and crafts. The kingdom has a number of theatres alongside music venues, art galleries, and a range of other places where the arts can be appreciated. Varied landscape has helped adventure sports prosper while necessities of history have encouraged the growth of Thai boxing. Buddhism is also a all-soaking factor in Thai way of life.

Medical tourism : Many travellers go to Thailand to undergo medical treatments at a fraction of the cost charged in their home countries. The renowned Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok attracts on average 400,000 foreign patients per year or an average of 1,000+ a day. Other hospitals, such as Samitivej also specialize in serving foreigners. Private hospitals in Thailand are accredited by the government according to standards that meet or exceed those in North America, and many of the doctors in Thailand hold international accreditation and relevant licenses.

Shopping : Thailand is one of the best places in Asia for shopping and visitors will be spotlit for choice with the huge, glitzy shopping malls, department stores, small shops and bustling street markets. Both Bangkok and Chiang Mai have excellent night markets. Good buys include Thai silks and cottons, leather goods, batiks, silver and gold, pottery with celandine green glaze, precious and semiprecious stones (in particular rubies and sapphires are indigenous to Thailand), pearls, dolls, masks, painted umbrellas, lacquer ware, pewter ware, bamboo and wood artifacts and bronze ware. The weekend market at Chatuchuk in Bangkok is a regular cornucopia with hundreds of stalls stocking items ranging from genuine antiques to fighting fish. Chatuchak (or Jatujak) weekend market in Bangkok is the largest market in Thailand, and largest of the world.

Festivals : In Thailand, the monarchy and religion bring about many celebrations. The whole nation unites to celebrate the birth anniversaries of the Queen and King every year in August and December, respectively. Thai religious festivals are based on the lunar calendar and dates for the same change from year to year. The Thai New Year is celebrated in mid-April. A string of harvest related festivities take place throughout the year too. September–October sees the Vegetarian festival in Phuket, where Chinese Buddhists take up a ten-day vegetarian diet. The streets are filled with processions and parades by devotees performing incredible tasks like fire-walking. Held in November is the Wan Loy Kratong festival. It is celebrated by lighting up all the water bodies. Also held in November is the great Elephant round up in Sarin.

Other Festival Name : Bangkok Jazz Festival, Bangkok Marathon, Thailand International Swan Boat Races, World Film Festival of Bangkok, the Pattaya Festival takes place in the southern resort town of the same name. The festival includes beauty parades, floral floats, and fireworks.

Places of Interest :

Northern Thailand : Chiang Mai, hill tribes, and the Golden Triangle.

Isaan : The great undeveloped north-east - get off the beaten track and discover backcountry Thailand and some magnificent Khmer ruins.

Central Plains : Bangkok, lowlands and historic Thailand.

Eastern Thailand : Beaches and islands within easy reach of Bangkok, like Pattaya, Ko Samet and Ko Chang.

Southern Thailand : Hundreds of kilometers of coastline and countless islands on both the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, plus Phuket, Krabi, Ko Samui, Ko Tao and many more of Thailand's famous beach spots .

MACAU : Macau offers a wide variety of good restaurants with various cuisine: Portuguese, Macau, Chinese, Shanghainese, European, Japanese, and more.

Activities : 4WD Safari, Biking, Elephant Riding,Jungle Trekking, Kayaking, River Rafting, Buddhist Meditation,Elephant Training, Marine Life, National Parks, Orchid Farms, Thai Massage, Wild Thailand, Thailand is a great adventure vacations destination, presenting a slew of adventure activities full of amusement. The country has a long coast and it is very natural that water-sports have always been popular there. The country's defence needs prompted the growth of Muay Thai or Thai kick-boxing.

Dinner Cruise :

Rock climbing : the cliffs of Rai Leh in Krabi are arguably among the best in the world.

Snorkeling : Phuket and its surrounding islands, Phi Phi, Koh Tao, and Some areas in the Similans have some wonderful snorkeling over coral reefs.

Scuba diving :

Golf :

Trekking :

Surfing :

Liveaboard Diving :

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